Games That Are Ideal for Streaming

Any game can be good for streaming as long the streamer can make it worthwhile for viewers. Still, there are titles that are seemingly perfect for streaming because of their entertainment value and the many opportunities they provide for good content. These titles can bring out the best reactions from streamers, which the viewers will […]

Featured Streamer: 2Dads1Stream

John and Nick both caught our eyes earlier this year when they started to use our software for the remote collaboration tool. Separately located in Hawaii and Japan, the two stream together when they can find any time between their active military duties and having wives and children. Read on for the full interview.

Featured Streamer: BattleDrum

Alexander or BattleDrum, caught our eye due to his consistent streaming schedule and amassing almost 40 hours of streaming in one week. To say that he is determined would be an understatement. We sat down with Alexander briefly to hear a little bit about why he got hooked to streaming, what he’s learned, and more. Read on for the interview.