Changelogs: July 2018

July 6th Fixes: Resolved an issue that prevented some streamers from adding a PC webcam or microphone to a Mixer Project. Webcams and microphones no longer get stuck in an inactive state. Added fallback logic for Mixer feed connections to prevent blank output to stream. Eliminated an edge case that caused staticy audio that cuts […]

Changelogs: June 2018

June 30th Fixes: Reworked the way that audio is handled on Lightstream servers. This should lead to improvements in the following: Better synchronization between audio and video Reduce delay added to streams Reduce occurrences of sputtering, crackly, or low quality audio Improved audio fidelity Audio not coming through on stream Video freezing Stream crashes June […]

Changelogs: May 2018

We’ve been pushing smaller, more frequent updates to Lightstream to get fixes and improvements out faster. We’re switching up our changelog format to reflect the change in pace. Instead of a new post each time, we’ll be updating this post through the month each time there’s a new release. May 11th New Features: Added a […]

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